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Representative Projects   


Commercial Real Estate – Yield Optimization
Project included two phases: 1) Design of a customer loyalty/lease flexibility program based on statistical data intended to increase average net income per square foot, and 2) Development of a business decision model that provides forecasting capabilities.

Gaming – Data Mining
For a gaming corporation, performed a data mining and CRM analysis on a sample of 80,000 customers. Results were translated into operable business rules for increasing marketing efficiency.

Software – Pricing Strategy
Led a project for a large software firm’s marketing division. Project involved collecting and processing a large volume of data used to develop pricing strategies for several product offerings. Models analyzed scenarios accounting for customer segmentation.

Commercial Real Estate – Financial Modeling
Produced an interactive business decision tool to be used in assessing company’s future growth and profitability. Developed a model that allows user to forecast and measure impact on all cost and revenue dimensions of the company, including equity participation. 

Non-Profit – Marketing Budget Optimization
Developed an optimal budget-allocation model designed to increase the organization’s net yield and reduce overhead by focusing marketing efforts on its most cost-effective products. The custom-built application contained statistical and linear-programming optimization components.

Team was responsible for designing an optimal tax assessment program intended to promote and sustain a tourism-focused marketing campaign for the county of L.A.

Hotel Chain - Forecasting 
Performed statistical analysis of the point-redemption behavior of account holders in a hotel chain’s affinity program. Developed a model to forecast future redemption.

Banking - Finance Division
Conducted an in-depth evaluation and modification of auto-leasing division’s neural network model used to predict year-end losses associated with lease termination. 

Retail - Wage and Hour Disputes - Class Action Litigation 
On several separate cases involving retail chains, provided economic and statistical analysis for class action lawsuits brought by managers alleging unpaid overtime meal time and break-time wages. Analysis has covered class certification phase as well as damage calculations when necessary.

Home Security - Wage and Hour Dispute - Class Action Litigation 
Reviewed damage analysis and calculated damages associated with alleged unpaid overtime for a class of service and installation technicians related to drive time and various other tasks.

Employment Contract Dispute
In a case involving a large computer manufacturer, performed analysis related to the pricing of options included in an executive compensation arrangement. The dispute arose in the course of a transaction in which the executive’s original employer was acquired by another firm.

Time and Motion Studies – Wage and Hour Disputes
In a number of cases, developed statistical sampling methodologies for a time and motion study of managers to quantify their percentage of time spent on non-exempt activities.

Gender Discrimination
For a temporary employment agency, we performed statistical and econometric analyses to disprove salary discrimination against two former female employees.

Retail – Age and Gender Discrimination
For a large department store, provided analysis of salary history for various sub-groups in a case involving layoffs.

Transportation – Disparate Impact Analysis
In a case involving the hiring of thousands of workers into a union in the transportation industry, examined claims of disparate impact using analysis of population demographic distributions.

Healthcare – Billing Dispute Analysis
In a dispute between a major health care provider and private payer groups, we developed statistical stratified sampling models to assess exposure across different contract types. The samples analyzed the validity of the billings and quantified the extent of the payment errors. 

Healthcare – Fraud Investigation
For a major Healthcare provider, designed a methodology for the statistical sampling of cost reports, and performed analysis of these reports towards providing a total fraud estimate.

Healthcare – Class Action
On behalf of one of the nation’s largest providers, conducted statistical analysis of outlier payments made by the government associated with Medicare discharges. Allegations were made by a class of hospitals regarding over-billing of the Government for Medicare cases.

Entertainment – Intellectual Property Dispute
Participated in a case involving a royalty dispute for a major entertainment firm. Developed methodology, performed statistical analysis, and produced expert report. 

Leisure and Recreation – Damage Calculation
In relation to a transaction involving the acquisition of a spa manufacturer by a competitor, conducted statistical and econometric analysis to determine damages. The damages are associated with the failure by the acquired firm to compensate the purchasing firm for warranty claims on faulty spas sold to customers prior to the transaction date.

Hospitality and Gaming – Damage Calculation
For a Hotel-Casino operation, performed econometric analysis for the calculation of damages associated with the necessary closing of parts of the hotel for renovation due to faulty construction. 

Media and Entertainment – Equity Allocation Dispute
In a case involving a dispute between a leading media corporation and two former executives, provided economic analysis related to calculations of appropriate and typical equity allocations between founding members and subsequent investors under various new-venture scenarios.

Software - Securities Litigation
Conducted economic analysis and produced an expert report for an investigation involving a large software firm. The allegations centered on whether certain accounting practices employed by the firm constituted a manipulation of the company’s stock price. 

Television Services – Class Action Litigation
For a provider of Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) services, conducted economic analysis of business trends and practices associated with retailers operating under direct agreements.

Retail – Class Action Litigation
Provided economic analysis and served as expert witness on behalf of a retail chain store in a class action lawsuit related to overtime wages.

Software – Class Action Litigation
For a leading software manufacturer, designed a multivariable analytic model to predict the expected costs associated with a pending settlement.

Entertainment – Film Financing
In a dispute involving a major motion-picture studio, performed Monte Carlo simulation analysis to estimate the probabilities attached losses of various magnitudes, attached to the performance of a slate of 20 films. 

Automotive – Pricing Dispute
For a supplier of technology used by an auto parts manufacturer, we performed econometric analysis to examine the empirical relationship between price and volume on sales transactions of the auto part. The defendant used a volume-based argument to justify lower prices leading to lower revenue sharing with the plaintiff.

Lost Earnings
On several cases, conducted calculations and analysis of lost lifetime earnings resulting from various business interruptions and personal injuries for individuals and business owners on behalf of plaintiff and defense. 

Insurance – Class Action Litigation
For a leading insurance company, estimated damages associated with service charges for monthly policy billings.

Education – Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis
Led a team that conducted a comparative evaluation of single-serve drink containers for a large School District. The project included a statistical analysis intended to accurately measure recycling and diversion activities as well as the associated costs.

Telecom – Competitive Performance Compliance
Conducted statistical calculation of FCC performance-compliance metrics associated with regional telecom mergers. Project involved processing large volumes of data, conducting calculations, and producing comprehensive reports on a monthly basis.

Health Care – Economic Impact and Antitrust Analysis
For a state insurance commissioner, developed an analytic model to estimate the economic impact of converting a large health care provider from non-profit to for-profit status. The analysis focused on antitrust issues such as the impact of market share on insurance premiums.

Entertainment (Interactive Publishing) - Forecasting
Conducted analysis of historical sales and revenue data and created three alternative statistical models to forecast the percentage and volume of returned merchandise. These forecasts were used towards calculation of required reserves. 

Cement Manufacturing – Emission Analysis
In the context of a district investigation of toxic emissions, performed statistical analysis and provided a report analyzing the key relationships determining NOx ratios under various scenarios.

Correctional Facility – Statistical Study
Provided statistical sampling and analysis of an extensive piping system servicing a large prison in order to estimate the probability, timing, and extent of potential future system failures.


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